Health Religion


There is no doubt that Islam is the religion of health, and all the orders and blends of this heavenly religion are laid down for the sake of the health and well-being of the people of the community.

” cleanliness is a sign of faith.” It is a valid document that was formulated 1400 years ago to support the claim of the Prophet.

The precious saying, “Cleanliness is a sign of faith (in God)” was at the time established by Prophet Muhammad (May God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family ) as the criterion of the faith of every Muslim, many other nations even understanding the concept of cleanliness. If they had come to this understanding, they would not have been aware of its importance and role in health.

The claim is also documented in the Middle Ages when the church was ruled by the European people. Christian priests saw the lice as an angel of God. As at that time, Galileo was accused of blasphemy and hanged only for saying that the earth was going around the sun.

Another document claiming that Islam is the religion of health and well-being of Muslims is that:

All the instructions, teachings and teachings of this divine religion are directly or indirectly related to the health of the Muslim person, some of which are mentioned here.

May this article be a guide for Muslims in consolidating their religious motives on the one hand and guiding and enlightening non-Muslims to convert to Islam on the other.

۱-This is the religion of Islam which has advised Muslims to wash their hands before eating

Nowadays, when the coronavirus is shadowing the world, doctors know one way to deal with and get rid of this deadly virus is to wash your hands with soap and water before eating.

۲-The teachings of the Islamic religion say that every Muslim has salt on his table and this is due to the germicidal properties of salt.

۳-Advising to avoid sleeping, being close to, and bathing with a full belly and immediately after a meal is one of the teachings and teachings of the Islamic religion because doing the above with a full belly can endanger one’s health and It is harmful to the human body.

۴-Avoidance and prohibition of pork and alcohol consumption, which has been explicitly emphasized in the Islamic religion. Because consumption of pork causes worms in the stomach and intestine and drinking alcohol also destroys one’s consciousness and affects the brain function, which is the governing body in the human body.

۵-If scientists have recently realized that eating fruit after eating causes food to become rotting in the stomach and dysfunctioning the digestive system, Islam has advised Muslims 1400 years ago to consume fruit. Before eating.

The proof is that everywhere in the Qur’an Majid, including in the Surah al-Haqqah, how the Paradise is served and eaten, the fruit of Paradise is first spoken of and then the flesh of birds (non-predatory) is spoken. Has said.


The above five are just some of the wisdoms contained in the teachings and recommendations of the Islamic religion to maintain the health of the community.


The Islamic religion’s concern for the health and well-being of the Muslim body is to such an extent that it is forbidden to perform any act that endangers the health of the individual or of other Muslims as a commandment beyond any Muslim’s religious or religious orders. Not only is it not worship and virtue, it is sin and sin, and it finds the “killing” aspect.

That is why attending all spiritual ceremonies such as Friday prayers, congregational prayers, remembrance ceremonies that entail a Muslim community and thus increase the likelihood of people being infected with the corona virus (in these days the risk of being infected by the community Threatens), banned.


Now, you noble user and audience, do you have a religion other than Islam that cares and respects the health of your community?

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